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About Us

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Welcome! My name is Kristina, and here is our story: 

In 2007, I started working in the hotel industry. It took me a few years to find my boyfriend who would soon introduce me to screen printing. He and his roommate had a graphic tee company. He got me all set up and I started making screen printed tees, drawstring bags, and tea towels. I was hooked! My mom was turning 50, So I hand drew a design that said, "Happiness is Homemade". It turned out so cute! I printed it on a oversized tote bag, and filled it with goodies. She loved it and used it everyday to tote her Etsy orders to the Post Office. My mom introduced me to Etsy in 2008. I was sewing at the time. I sold a few things. Nothing special, but I had the name "Dream State". Little did I know at the time how important that name would become in 2012. 

My inspiration for starting Dream State came from me and my coworker's excitement with wedding welcome bags. We were in charge of distributing the bags as wedding guests arrived at our Hotel. We always snooped and critiqued the bags and items. There were definitely some unique ideas. I got to thinking I could make memorable welcome bags. The tote bag itself would be ADORABLE. Everything inside would just be sugar coating with a cherry on top. I also had a blog with no direction, so It triggered all kinds of ideas for DIY projects that would relate to Wedding gifts, Welcome bags, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties. Honestly the list goes on. I opened a BIG can of worms with 1 simple idea.

My first sale was a "Bride" bag. I came to work and told one of my coworkers that I had made my first sale. She announced it to everyone. She had so much excitement for me! I laughed it off in embarrassment. Not knowing how significant that moment was to me. In 2013, my Etsy shop was too busy for me to keep working a day job. I quit my job as a Front Desk Agent. My 7 years of customer service training was just what I needed to set me apart from so many other shops. I have been trained to hold my tongue, keep a professional appearance and attitude, and be an individual that is the face of a company. Only now I no longer represent someone else's company. I represent me, and MY company. Making it all SO MUCH MORE EXCITING!. 

Dream State is a 4 man(or lady) team. I (Kristina) do all of the designing, writing, printing, packing, photography, and running of the shop. My boyfriend (Wayne) is the handi-man who makes all of my wood signs, helps with photo shoots, and post office runs. His sweet mama(Patti) does all of my tote bag ironing (we retired her - YAY!). We also have a sweet pup named Kola who entertains, keeps the staff in good spirits, and acts as Dream State security.

Now that you know our story.. We are THRILLED to meet and work with you! 

-Kristina, Wayne, Patti & Kola

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